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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Danger using Handphone when Falling Rain

I got an email and i remember a story about it.
It's very danger that we make a call or receive a call when falling rain.
In that email there is a girl with her friends, she walk in the street and using umbrella. She heard her handphone ringing, and she answered it. Suddenly... thunder attack her handphone.
And she got accident because that, and she entered to hospital and she died.
The other story, my older sister's friend use her handphone in front of her house and at that time is raining. Suddenly thunder come. And her handphone is broken, no signal. And she tried so many time but her handphone still no signal, finally she went to handphone shop to repair her handphone. And the repairman can't repair it.
DONT use your handphone if u still love it. Hehehe
NB: when i use handphone in the house and there are big thunder.. hehehe it still working :P