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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Confuse after change laptop

It's not comfortable to change other laptop that ever used by my friend. I didn't format again, coz some application and some data i still use it, and this laptop maybe less than half year is new.
I really don't know, my friend ever scan for virus or not.
This laptop always make me shocked! I always get a shock (when touch not in the keyboard, suddenly the electrical energy touch me)... Arkkkkk, but when i use carpet or shoes it never happen, without that, don't ask to get shock :D
But i like this laptop coz i got dvd R/W and this processor 2times faster than before, i still like my last laptop. I like design, keyboard, not making shocked,speaker, not hot,place of fan not make my hand feel hot.
But that's okay i will still use this, i will try to like it.

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