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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Gong Xi Fa CaiXin Nien Guai Le

saturday i went to my aunty house on evening, before arrive in my aunty house, i went to mall and then i had a snack in dunkin donut alone. I really want to taste again that donut. I tried donut and in the inside is blackcurrant and lychee hmm so nice and sweet. I like lychee taste.After that i saw chinesse wayang (it's called po teng hi). I never seen live before. I always saw in the tv, but no one station play this program. I really want to see and to know about the story. But ya maybe later it will be showed by tv station.I just saw it maybe 5 minutes and then continue to go to my aunty house.After arrived, the other aunty called me, and she invited me to go to Sand's Cafe. There are big party and a lot of artist from china there.But i refuse it, because i want to spend my time with my sister and the other aunty and uncle and also my brother. So we just held dinner together and watching television together.I just remember, when i celebrate this Chinesse New Year in my hometown (magelang), some family go to my grandmother house, and then we have dinner together (maybe 4 family). And watching tv and talk together.But now here, just one family, ups 2 family with me and my sister.That's okay, it's better that alone in my rent house :DMaybe next year i will go back to my hometown and celebrate chinesse new year (sincia) there.This night after dinner maybe at 8 PM i went to upstair and then i saw so many fireworks and i like it. Some firework exact in top of my head maybe 3 meters.Ouchhhh i'm so shocked haha but i really like fireworks.I want to turn on the firework but i don't have it. SO i just enjoy it from the other person and house who turn on it. Free and no charge!!!!

Sunday, when i woke up,very late (woke up at 7.30 :P)I saw my uncle already wake up and my aunty also. Directly i said "Gong Xi Fa Cai" Hihiih but they didn't give me angpau at that time.So many SMS came and when i open it, hmmm it's about saying Gong Xi Fa Cai :DAfter have breakfast we ate white noodle. It's kind of tradition when in the morning of Chinesse New Year day, we always ate White Noodle, and also Oranges,kue ranjang (basket cookies, i don't know in english. It shape like silinder and brown and thicky and sweet) and some of food i forgot it's names.And then after eat i got angpau (finally). Maybe at 2 PM i went to my aunty house and visit them one by one. They always offer fruit to me and my sister oh ya and cake.I like this day every family can meet together and we can talk together, i hope this kind of tradition still hold never end.How about u guys who celebrate Sincia :D


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