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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


In every place in the city always have beggars. Why they become a beggar.. i don't know the reasons. If i think about it maybe there are so many factors that they want to be a beggar.
1. They look the other beggar, it's very easy to get some money, and it enough to live with that income
2. Why should go to school, school make them so confuse and it's very hard, can make them feel headache
3. They don't want to pay school fee because too big to pay, they can use that money to the other needs.
4. That's better to play and got some money than everything

Sometimes i feel so sad whn i sa beggar and then i want to give few money to them, but i cancel it, because some media told me about them maybe they just react like a beggar and they are lazy to work. I saw like madam and young people or person who still can work but they just ask some money without work.
It's a lazy person, right?
If i give them money, it means i support them become a beggar and lazy person.
So don't give them money. but if you want help them maybe teach them to find new job, if it is possible.
But how about the government? Are they care about this?
If too many beggar in this country, it will make bad perfomance to our country also.
Don't think to be a beggar, always try as hard as you can



Anonymous Rusdy said...

This organisation (sahabat anak) has some handy tips for them, especially for street's children:

1. Instead of giving them money, give them food (biscuits or other dry food for convinience, as they can be left in the car)
2. lots other stuffs in their website


Sunday, April 15, 2007 8:50:00 PM


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