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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rainy day is coming to town

From this week i just feel now is rainy day, flood everywhere, i can't go by car or motorcycle or the other government transportation except bus and truck hihii.. Not that bad, yesterday i went with busway and see almost all the way got traffic jam. Bless me that i use busway :D
Oh ya in some way got a little bit flood, maybe just 30cm but now, hmm maybe 1 m i think.
This early morning my bf called me and he said that his house got flood also, rain come very heavy and take a long time. But this morning he said rain is stop.
Why Jakarta and near Jakarta like this, in my hometown if got heavey rain for maybe almost 1 day, still not flood, but depends on the way, but i think it's really different with Jakarta.
Urgkkk I hate it, maybe because rubish everywhere and people not aware if they throw rubish to the river or somewhere not in the rubish can.
Hey people, just throw ur rubish to rubish can, please.....
Oh ya, when i saw the river in Jakarta and near Jakarta, almost full of rubish, and rubish, rubish... smell bad, bad view, green water, but it's so funny yesterday i saw there are people still take a bath and swim in the river. Hahaha so crazy.
This morning few employee in my office didn't come ;p They can't go here because flood, i saw in the newspaper also, flood everywhere.
I like rainy season but i don't like flood season.Hihihii Oke enjoy a glass of tea and some snack and hear music of rain.