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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Train Ticket Sold OuT !!!! Almost holiday !!!!!

It's amazing!!! This is the first time i heard and saw in the public that train ticket to Jogjakarta is sold out!
Lucky me :p i already bought this ticket. I will go to Jogjakarta and Magelang (Holiday from 23 dec until 2 January 2007).
I will celebrate Christmas and New year in my hometown or Jogja :D
That's so amazing!!!!
It is Christmas day not Idul Fitri. Hmmm when i bought that ticket, fiuhhh price of ticket is raise from Rp.190.000,- and now Rp.230.ooo,- (it's weekend, if not Rp.180.000,- become Rp.220.000,-)
And about plane, my friend told me that minimum price more than Rp.500.000,-
1st i want to ride a plane but because the price.. and i am just an employee... so i just choose the cheaper one. Hihihiihi
But actually i dont like to ride a train in the night, because it's too noisy and cold. Air Conditioner blow in the top and always blow my head.
Argggghhhh next time i will use hat to avoid that. Last time i can't sleep in the train. But when i ride it in the morning, no problem.
Oh ya, i remember, there is a stone hit the window near my sit. And that glasses window is broken and make a small hole. After that, the security told to us to close the curtain.
And nothing happen again.
Back to the topic :p btw, i like this news but hmm maybe somebody didnt like it because they are confuse and whit what they can go to their hometown without train .. Hmm maybe bus or own car.
I heard again from my mom, that bus ticket almost full (sold out).. Lucky me again.. I don't want to use plane or train again.
If i use them, i still have to think what time i will arrive and safe for me or not if i use taxi alone, and there are some factor that i have to think again. Because i don't go together with my friend like usual.

Friend, i will not write blog since im in my hometown, i dont have internet connection in my house and im lazy to go to Internet Cafe, i just want to go anywhere to get some fun.
I will be back soon, maybe tomorrow or Friday, im still write.
CU soon


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