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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Charlie and the Chocholate Factory

Last night i watched Charlie and the Chocholate Factory alone. And when i watch that.. this film it's so cool. I like the idea to make it and they use technology to make candy and chocholate.
It's amazing.. They can make a gum with so many taste, make a dragon ship, grass, mushroom, trees,fruit and so many things from candy and chocholate.
The story is so simple and i dont like jhonny deep on that film. He looks not cool and like strange people.
Oh ya, i remember.. they make a river from chocholate liquid and looks so same with hard river.. (hard river so strange vocabulary ya :P hmm its like a river and it has water flow so hard. Because there is a waterfall near on it, you know what i mean? like a place that we on rafting area, which very difficult area..)
I think you must see this film, this film is quite old ;P i just borrow from my friend. Hiihihiih
Nice technology and nice family on it..
There was a child that he choose his family than the wealthy.
Btw, when i saw that DVD... urghhh i cant see until finish. Bad copy :(
later i want to see full movie .. i dont know the ending of this film, i just guess it.



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