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Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to build your longest relationship

When you think about the relationship to a woman or man, you will think aboutwhich part that you interest of that person. After that when you ask him or her to be your girlfriend/boyfriend, you will change your view to your couple.
You still like her/his interest, but the other side, you will have feel 'love' and care to him, right?
Time goes minute by minute, day by day, and year by year your love to your couple wil change like up and down. Sometime you feel really love him, sometimes you just feel like usual friend or the worst thing, you feel your couple like a monster.
If your feeling to your couple like a monster, be careful, you have to talk about it with your couple and try to look yourself which your habit or action are doesn't match with ur couple.In this article, i want to talk about what the important thing that you should grow your love everytime.

There are so many way to do that and it's so simple. All of you can do like this :
1. Tell 'I Love U' to your couple minimum once everyday
2. Ask ur couple like this "How much he/she love you?" or "yoUr love today is bigger than
3. Ask about your couple's activity today.
4. Tell about which part of his/her habits you didnt like it from your couple
5. Tell the truth about everything
6. Dont save your problem between you and your couple until you blow up.
Always finish all your problems at that time, but dont forget, you still have to see about the
condition. If your couple had bad mood, you can talk to him tomorrow or you can talk if
there is an exact time to talk about it.
7. Give a gift or surprize
8. Make humor conversation
9. Going somewhere that you can enjoy together
10. Make a review about good or bad habit of your couple
This way you can help to review yourself and you can change it before late
11. Don't play a fire
I mean, to get best relationship with your couple, dont try to get new couple again.
Most of them, doesn't like their couple has the other couple again. It depends on you, if u did
it, your relationship is notsafe again.

That are the way to grow up ur love to ur couple. There are so many things that i didn't write in this article. So try to love and care ur couple as good as u can.


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