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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Season 2006

In this beginning of december, rainy season, winter, snowy(in some place), holiday, gathering with family, and Christmas day!!!!! Sinterklaus/Santa will come. Ho hohoho... hohohoo..
Yesterday i went to mal Citraland and Taman Anggrek Mal with my boyfriend, there is X'mas tree. In the Citraland mal, they just make a simple x'mas tree but it just wire and lamp from cable. i don't like it.. coz i just see that in the morning-afternoon, i seldom to go there in the night. Last night i went to Taman Anggrek Mal, and they make X'mas tree from Looney Toon's doll. There are Taz, bugs bunny, tweety, and the cat (sylvester?? i forget his name)
It need so many doll to make this xmas tree, maybe more than 200 dolls. maybe it has high 6m and width 3m. It's awesome.. but i dont like it.. coz it not really beautiful. i just like simple like green tree and many lamp,and bell and star at the top of tree.
Im not interested to take picture.. i just want to get Taz doll hehehe cute.
Can i take one? huehuee almost in the all department store, they play Xmas songs.. hmm i like it. And there are so many shop sell things for Xmas. Like application for tree, bell, lamp and the others.
Jingle bell jingle bell .. jingle all the way..
nnananana nanana nannaa
come on sing with me..