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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chrismas songs

Since few weeks ago until today, i already start to listening Christmas song.
I like these song:
1. white christmas
2. sleigh ride
3. all i want chrismas is you
4. rudolph the red nose reideer
5. santa is coming to town
6. winter wonderland
7. silent night
8. first noel
10.last christmas

When i heard the other songs... they are so nice... i want to listening again, but if i listen that so many times, i will feel bore.
I save it to my handphone and when i get a trip to Jogjakarta, i can listen it alone with cold and sleepy and also feel white christmas hihi
I really like trip by train but i dont like in the night, coz i can't see anything can't see nice village or forest :( just lamp from houses.
Later i will have it.
Tomorrow, one of our friend will back to Nederland. We will have a small farewell party for him. He will go on Dec, 23rd ,06.
Nice to meet u, Sam, if u have time and holiday, u can come again and we will have a reunion again :D
Btw, tomorrow some of us will back to our hometown, and some of us still stay in Jakarta, and maybe they have some plan to have nice trip with their family and friends.
Okay keep contact with me and we can meet together after January 3rd,2007


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