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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Prohibited using Handphone ?

Technology growth day by day, it's become so smart and it can help our task.It also can make our task finished so fast, it really help us since we use it for good reason.For example, Handphone/Cellphone, all of people already knew about this and almost all people in the world already have it. Now, it price cheaper (for generate handphone) than before, depends on the spesification that they need it.Now you can buy about US$ 30,- for a handphone. Hey, did you already know that some countries already make a new regulation thata country prohibit the citizens to use handphone, the security will take your handphone, if they know you use it, or you bring it. If you don't know about this,you will ask, WHY? WHERE?Hmmm good question, i read from news, it happens in the North Korea, they did it because,hanphone is using to remote bomb, it happened on 2004, bombing in the train.But this action still not work, because nowadays handphone is become our primary needed.Hmm what happen if our country did this regulation?I'm not agree for this regulation. But if i saw if handphone become a remote for bomb, hmm it's usual, they can use the other application or things and then they change it or make a remote again.People are smart, they will learn and learn, and always learn to get something that they want, is it true?It depends on the habits of a person.By the way, handphone is really my important thing, without this thing hmmm so weird, like we don't eat. Hahhaha..What do you think, if it really happens in your country?

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