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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People's Thinking, Same or Not with Our Thinking?

I think all of you ever think about this when you work or play together with your friend or colleagues.Today i got this idea, when i talk to my friend about job or about the other things. Sometime we meet a person that he/she has same thought with us, but sometime not. If we meet people with same thinking with us, there is an advantages and there is disadvantages.Why i told there is disadvantages? It's depend on what we are talking about.If we need some suggestion/input, if all of them have same idea with us, hmmm we don't have the other alternativeto take. But if they thought are totally different and it's impossible, sometime it makes me feel lazy to heardhaha beside that i have to hear it also.Hear first and then think it in our brain, then give an opinion if it needed,this is smart people, is it right? This action very hard to take, because i usually talk when he/ she not finished yet.
When i think about it again, i just remember, silent/be quiet is like a gold. Once again, it's depends on the situation.Peoples are creative, they can have so many things to talk and so many things to be expressed. Just try to hear their thought or opinion, it will make your thinking become better if you try to find the other way.What your opinion about this topic?

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