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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So great after Presentation

Finally i finish all of my work today and also i already presentation about the project in front of the client,Fiuuuuuuhhh i'm so happy that my fear already kick by me hahahaThis is the first time in my life since i work in the company,and i still new in this company and also this is a big chance that i can did it well.
Wewwww thank's to God that He show his way to me.
Oh ya, when i went to the client company, wow it's very big, and i really likeit's canteen.
I got a coupon to eat there Rp 15000,- hmm i got so many thingslike fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables, and the other.I can hear and see live music there, if my current company like this company, hmmmafter office hour, i can sit there and drink a cup of tea before i go home.Hihihi i'm so shy to said this, today i saw Coffee machine... just pay some money and then get a cup of coffee.
This is my first time to see it...Hihihii.... like we see in the television in the hospital or in the office.So shy but finally i saw it bud didn't try it.
The cheaper one is Rp 5000,-Oh about the elevator, hihii... i really shy about this..In the elevator, you can watch television, that television played some advertisement thereit's better than nothing, but the button of floor, it's not touch screen. So bad..Oke i just want to said like this in this blog.
Nowadays i seldom to wrote about technology or something,i always talk about my life nowadays.
So sorry guys, but later i will write the other things.
Before i wrote this blog, when i walk to the office, i had some idea, what i want to write ithere, but after i arrived in the office, it always hide from my mind.
Wait the other blog again yuh...

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