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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Movie

Movies i know all of the people like to see movie, whatever type of movie like cartoon, drama, comedy, war, horror, documentation, and the other type. I like watching movies depends on my mood, sometime i want to see action, sometime i like to see cartoon (donald duck), no matter what i saw, i just feel relax and not thinks about the office things :D hhahaha
Few days ago, i really miss to see Home Alone 1 and 2, i like to see them when in the Christmas day. Those film always accompany me through the Christmas time with my family, Full of Joy and Happiness and Funny also.
What do you like to see in the Christmas time?
Yesterday i saw ....Christmas Carol if i not false, it is a cartoon film. I don't know why, nowadays some private television just show serial TV in the night and they give Christmas film in the morning or afternoon, in the office hour.
I can't see their show.. hiksss i feel so disappointed and sad... or they serve it in the middle of night.
Harry potter.. Lord of the Ring... hey where is The Grinch or Santa Claus film that i ever saw few years ago? I want to see Rudolph the red Nose, and the other deer. Hehehehe
I miss these kind of FIlm, not only new film.
How about you?

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