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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

new gadget, phone in the watch shape

Wow it's very interesting that u can bring between watch and handphone in the same time.
now u can use watch that including a phone. u can see in the picture. It will publish in this December in Australia. It price is about A$649.
It can operate too in America, Asia and Europe.
U can talk with this gadget about 80 hours! And it have place for ur card (RUIM)
hmm i want to see this one. Im very very interested with this gadget. Coz when i was child, i just see it in the Dick Tracy. U can call somebody secretly with ur watch..
maybe next time it will completed with 3G.. u can see mini tv or mp4 player or u can use video call. Hmm so interesting ya :D
kkekeke or add it with camera. i just know that last time i saw watch with mp3 player, watch with camera just that.
Now phone in the watch shape...
later i will show the picture. (*i already got the picture :p see in the left side )
oh ya, this gadget from Samsung