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Thursday, October 12, 2006

stubborn sometime useful

Last night i saw film "A Knight Tale". Maybe it's strange that woman or girl like this film. This film like 'the patriot'. but when i look in a few minutes i like it. It has nice story and it's about a man who has stubborn.
Since he was child he wants to change his life become knight. And his father told to him that he has to change his star. And his father give the child to the famous knight.. to help his son to change the star (become knight).
From that film, that we dont have to see the status of person everytime (i mean in that film, that son still fight with the arthur while he know he is an arthur). But the other man, didn't want to fight with the arthur because his status. Btw, that son still talk to the arthur like the other person who talk to the arthur. So it means he still look his status, but when he play in the game, he doesn't see the status.
Oh ya, one more, when he became a knight, and he went back to his hometown and visit to his father. And not directly he talk to his father and after that he told that he is his father son.
(before he told that he is his father's son... i just think... ahhh it's usual when a person far away from their parents and become success and they went back to their real life.. i mean the life before they got success.. they very shy to talk or to understand it. is it right? maybe not for all people)
Hmmm i want to see again this film.. i really like it... and i like to see the old scenario of film ;p like the patriot, gettysburg... i will find again :P