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Monday, September 25, 2006

Dream can make u cry

This morning maybe at 5 or less than 5 i dream about fish.
i just remember suddenly i sit inside the tent and there is almost half of tent is full of water . And i remember Me and maybe 4 fish still in the tent, and i feel can't go out from tent. and that fish tell me with bite me to go out from tent. directly i go out from tent and i bring all of fish (that fish still bite me) and i can go out from there.
i dont know why all the fish can throwed out to the ground.. (i dont remember)
and after that i want to save them and suddenljy i cant find them, i just find coins and i go to other place...
and my friend told me that fish in the same place that i find the coins.. and almost die.
And i hold the big fish, and touch it like a dog..
i saw his eyes looks like he want to talking to me.
and after that in the real world (i wake up) and i found i cry...
ehmmmm strange dream :p
i dont know the meaning of this dream


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