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Monday, September 25, 2006

So sad after watch dvd FF 12

saturday, i bought FF XII ... im so soooooo sad... and dissapointed :( huwaaaaa....
why???? when i saw that film and i still call my bf, maybe just 15 minutes.. suddenly that film is over....
The duration that film only 15 minutes. It just a trailer. But i like that songs :D i dont know that songs :D but i think i will record it to make a ringtone in my handphone huahahaha
ow ya, i bought the other japan anime film.. i really dissapointed again... why?????? because, it just reviewing all the track that i already had almost all the cd... (i mean it just review all the story)
owww so angry, so dissapointed, so sad, can't say anything again.
when i saw the other film, i cant concentrate to saw that..
but that's okay... they will ad my list dvd's collection wakkaka


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