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Saturday, January 05, 2008


D'Cinnamons is a Indonesian group music. I got it's album from my friend last week and i try to hear it. There is a song that become a soundtrack movies in Indonesia. Hmmm i like this group because this melody is different with the other pop music, and hmm you can hear the guitar melody mostly :p THe singer sounds like Jewel, or the woman who sang 'Jet plane' i don't know the title of the song.
They made Indonesian and English songs, so you can hear it also, don't worry.
There is a group that i like also, it called 'Hitam Putih' but now they didn't release the album, one person of this group is my colleagues in my office. He is a bass guitaris.
Huheuheuhee I heard from him, he will release their album if possible, if not, i still have his album :P their song like pop-jazz.
Oke back to listening music again ...

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Blogger Andri Kusuma Harmaya said...

Good Morning album is one of my favourite album..Not only its music,i like its poem too...touching my heart and so deep...According to me,"So Would You Let Me Be..." is the best song of that album..Nice to meet u. ^_^
- Andri

Saturday, February 23, 2008 12:58:00 AM


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