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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kawah Ijen Trip 27-28 sept 2011, East Java

Day 1, 27 September 2011

Early morning in jakaeta, I use a domestic airplane to go into Denpasar, bali. It took 1,5 hour :)

After arrived in Denpasar, we had a brunch in airport and during brunch we try to find a rent car that we need it to go inti Gilimanuk harbour.

And we got it for Rp 400k, and 3,5 hours. For me its not really expensive, because we are 6 peoples ;) if I'm alone, I will use a bus.

After arrived at Gilimanuk harbour, we try to reach the fastest departure time of ferry. And we got it! We only pay Rp 6000 per person. And we arrived at Ketapang harbour, east Java for 1 hour.

Inside the ferry, we saw so many cockroaches, and we listen dangdut all the time :)
And there is a great massagers which has strong hands! Hahaha its so awesome he can massage only 5-10 minutes ;p

When we arrived there, there is a driver Pak Yono, he uses a big car, and we start our trip to go Kawah Ijen. I rent Rp450k for a one trip to Kawah Ijen.

We start to buy our dinner and have early dinner was Nasi rawon, this is favourite food in East Java only Rp 8000. We buy our dinner, because I'm afraid that we cannot find a food there. :) but don't worry that there are some small shop, you can find coffee shop, noodles and simple food there, and the price still okay :)

From Ketapang to Kawah ijen only take 1 hour, around 42km but you should use big car, and 4wd car. Because the road is very rocky, no lamps, and there are so many monkey. You should be careful. The road is small, the road's wide only 1 car. And its very hard if you use motorcycle :) but big motorbike is still okay

We arrive at Paltuding, its the last place to drop off and we have to walk for 3,3km to Kawah Ijen.

We stay in small room Rp200k, for 6 peoples :)
When we arrived there, I can see so many stars and its very cold, perhaps 10-17 C. I don't know the exact temperature, but for me its very cold!
Lucky us that we prepare our warm clothes hahaha

We sleep until 1 am ;)
And we continue our trip yeaahhh

Friday, November 05, 2010

Travel To West Europe and UK

Travel to Europe its really amazing and I still think in my mind.. Am I dreaming??
Because for me travelling to Europe is hard to catch it.
It is my dream since few years ago, and I finally did it ^^
Before do travelling, there were a lot of to do, suffering, saved so much money, and also keep praying.
For my country, its very hard to get Visa to Europe and UK.
I need to prepare all the documents also money in my bank, and the other letters that very important.
Finally i got all visas (UK and Schengen), 2 days before my flight. My heart bumping very loud ^^ during i ask for visa :P almost everyday i called to the UK and Italian embassy, asked for my visa.
I didn't believe with travel agency anymore, because they work very slow and also the embassy looks not believe with the agency.
So I prefer did myself.

Finally i got it!!!!
And go around the UK and Europe!!!
I join to a group of young travellers and it was amazing that I can know one each other to new friends from another world.
They are from US, Africa, Japan, Australia ^^ we are very happy and solid.
We share our knowledge from our country, everytime we laugh and feel tired.
In uK, for me, this country was amazing! If I can scream, I will scream ^^ one place that I like, you can see in the Street Dance movie 2010 (october).
You can see the egg glass, that part/area that I like it.
I love their food, weather.. and my cousin's house, its near with the ponds. I can see the swan in the morning and see Sun Rise ^^ its so beautiful.

For Europe.. I can talk anymore about that country.. really really amazing..
I like the building, romantic person. Maybe I will tell the story one by one for each country that i stayed there.
But if you still young and have money, there are so many things that you can learn from there.
Use tour agency for young person only, or you walk alone like backpacker ^^
But if you feel not comfortable, hmm you can use your own country travel agency.

I use UK's travel agency for this trip, they only tell you the story, give you the accomodation (hotel and bus from one city/country to another city/country), and in the city, you only have a map and money, and you search your destination like museum, shop, restaurant, or the other things by yourselves.
Just make a friend in my team ( I use a group of persons who join to young group from certain travel agency, we join to a trip for 19 days)

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Human!!!

Nowadays... i feel so lonely when i walk together with my friends. Some of them use 'Autism Gadget' every seconds and when i talked to them.
They answered me without looking at me EVEN I'm in front of or besides them.
I'm HUMAN!!! I'm not a statue or robot!

I just have deep breath when I did this :) Sometime in my mind, I want to get their gadget, and then throw it away.
Oh ya, I saw a new movie 'Grown Up', I really like this movie.

Adam Sandler at that movie, he tried to open mind of his child, because they already addict with the gadget!
I really agree with this kind of movie!

Wew miss the old life like 10 years ago, people not addict with their gadget, only television, phone house, hm for cellphone, I think its not make addict :) not like the others.
Video games? hmm yeah..

Hey friends where are you, come on 'throw' that gadget... ^^ I mean not really throw it :) but don't too addict with your gadget, get some real life with humans!
Not with electronic things. Open your mouth not only for drink, eat, kiss but... for talking ^^

Enjoy your real life with EXACT HUMAN!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rio Haryanto

I bet some of you do not know who are he... Let me explain about him shortly :)
He is a talented boy, 14 years old, he joined to Formula One (F1) !!
But before that he joined to the Kart championship :) since 2001.
By the way, for his history you could see from his website www.rioharyanto.com
I like him so much because he is cute, smart, and cool!!! Looks like strong man!
I can not believe it that he is still young, still 14 years old, i guess he is more than 20 years...
huhuhuh poor me!
But that's okay, he is great person for this country, he has great talent in Formula ONe!
Go Go GO!!!!!
Hope that he could race with Schumacher, Alonzo :p hihihihi and I hope that I could meet him, because his home town is very near with me. Hohohoho

My question, why nowadays there are so many smart persons when they was young and dumb person when they grew up??!!!!!

Come on guys, do not ruin yourself to the bad things! Do the good things for yourself and for the others :)
GO GO GO GO!!!!!

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Back to Real Life

Hohohoho day by day, month by month, time goes by so fast.....
Because i seldom to write a blog again, hmm it is very hard to find out a topic for this blog.
I just write about my experience and my journey since i was written few months ago...
Nowadays i like to cook for myself.
I made some food (Chinese, Indonesian, western) and snacks!
I feel so boring when i live in Jakarta, why? because there is no place that i like to go. It always building and building and building (mall, museum).

Oh yeah! I remember that 2 weeks ago I went to Carita with my friends. Carita-Anyer is a beach place, I don't like both of them. Hukzz I miss to go to 1000 islands, they have blue water, fishes, white sands, not too crowded.
I feel like in Paradise.. hahaha but when I went to Carita, they have great Swimming pool :P
It's so strange huh! I went to the beach but i prefer to spent my time in swimming pool.
I like blue water.. and cold water... and saw volley match :)

I stayed in Carita for one night, we rent a small room with 3 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, in Carita Bay Selatan. If not forgot, it's rate is Rp.1,2 millions per night.
I like their otak-otak, its made from flour and fish, then they wrapped it using banana leaf and grill it until well done.
And then they prepare with the chilli peanut sauce! Yummy!!
Don't forget to eat seafood also :) but for me, it is not recommended, because I prefer to cook by myself and it is more clean.

In Carita, I did snorkling! But it is not recommended!!!!
I don't like it because there is water pollution there... hukzz there are garbage and oil from boat. Huh I hate it, why people not know that the garbage and oil could destruct the beach and sea!!!

Enough for article today.. fiuh ... finally i make one article since the last time i wrote :P hihihihi

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here I Come Again!

Hi all.. long time I'm not writing a blog. I feel so lazy, nothing to write, nothing to share, just busy for myself.
This night, I'm writing this blog because of my friend. Now we still chat together and talk about the future.
WHAT Shall I do!
What is my plan to see the future...
There are so many bad and good things since I'm not writing a blog, I really enjoy myself, I could feel free, satisfy, boring, WOW, Huhmmm, nothing to do like moron persons, or I did something like crazy people but no one comment it :)
hihihi I like my life!
But now I should change my habits become better to see and walk on the future.
Yesterday I met my friends, now they have new family, and have new life. They talk to me that now they are different and should think one step forward, and they could not be what they are before.
But I like their life nowadays!
They are so professional and also cheerful!
Thanks God that you met me with my friends yesterday and today.
Let's Keep MOving ON!!!!


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Playing Paintball

Last time I played paint ball with my office colleagues (more than 30 peoples). This is the first time I play. Before I play, I should use all the equipment like clothes (army clothes), mask, vest, and gun. I play twice at that time, it make my adrenaline become high!
Fear to be shot, always run, always wanna find a place to hide, try to shoot enemies, try to get a enemy's flag. For the first battle, i got shot by the enemy, ouchhhh it's hurt, i got shot 3 times.
Near ear, on my face, and my leg. I lost my concentration when i got shot on my ear, I don't know what shall I do.
I just remember that I should in squatting position, if not, I will be shot again. At that time, someone shoot my leg :(
I don't have that picture now, hm I remember that my friend already upload the video to youtube. Maybe you can try using keyword "PaintBall". I don't remember the link.
I like paintball!!!!
I wish that I can play again with good gun not bad gun.. I play paintball in the Hotel at Depok, I don't remember the name of that hotel because I play on last 28th , July , 2008.
Hihihihi :D
Let's play paintball !!!

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Music is My Best Friend

Feel Lonely...
Feel nothing to do...
Feel boring...
Feel angry...
Feel guilty...
Don't want to talk...
Don't have a reason, what 's going on...
Don't know why....
I don't want disturbed by someone...
I don't want interrupted by someone...
I want to be free...
I want to do something that i want at that time...
Nobody understand me...

Why Music is my best friend?

Only music can know my situation and condition of my mood
I could choose kind of music that i want to hear it
I could sing or hum
He could change my mood
He could make me better
He doesn't understand me but he help me
He doesn't hear what i talk about
Am I crazy talk to music? Hahaha NO, I'm not crazy..
I sing... not talk... talk and sing is different :)
Music can refresh my brain
Music can re-charge my energy, mood, concentration...