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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Experiment of Growing Pet

Few days ago exactly from 7-16 March 2008, i had an experiment of Growing Pet from an egg until become a bug. This egg you can see in the transparent basket. It is very interesting when you wait from 0-24 hours from an egg, then become broken eggshell until the bug came out from the eggshell become a bug, then the last become adult bug.

Here are the process (you can see the picture below):

I want to say thank you to my aunt that she gave me this toy, she tooks this toy from her son and her son is very kind too, he did not cry when his toy is given to me. When my aunt told me a story that her son always keep seeing on this process every minutes, and believe or not, it happened to me also! I always wake up on the early morning, or midnight, or before and after office hour.
Every minute i always want to see these process, it is very exciting!!!!

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