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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Meet my old friend

Huhuyyy i met my friends hmm old friends and close friends (Grace,Hermanz, and Luke) .
They came to my house and the funny story that i have a friend that he ride a motorcycle
the funny story is he call me when he still on the road to my house.. u know why?
He dont know the way how to arrive in my house and i give him a simple way..
and he already stay in jakarta maybe 1 week.
So he dont know much about Jakarta. (Jakarta is big city, rigtht?)
And finnaly he arrives and we go to have dinner together.
We eat chicken baked and sate ;P
Hmmm so delicious if we eat together with old friend...
Maybe later i will have 'reuni' in jakarta with all of my friend which same grade '2001'.
Maybe on September hehehe..
It nice to meet them, and absolutely i will write it in this blog again. kekeke


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