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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Go to Bandung

Hey friend, last week i went to Bandung, West Java.
In Bandung we go to so many many factory outlet.
Oh ya, if u want to buy many branded t-shirt, pants,jacket u can buy it there.
U know why... coz u can get low price there... really really low price
U can find Umbro, Reebox, Puma, Esprit,Giordano,Guess,Roxy, Billabong and so many brand.
Maybe u can buy it less than half of real price. It's sounds really really nice, right !
In Bandung , it very famous with 'jeans' u can find it from good until bad quality.
I can find jacket with good quality, and it price is around Rp.1.4 million ,- but the store give discount 50%. But u can find jeans jacket only Rp.100.000,- maybe less than that.
I think if u really want to go shopping in Bandung, Please Prepare ur money :D
U can be a shopaholic there. U can't stop to shopping
There are so many Factory Outlet(FO) there.
In one day i can go more than 7 FO. Wahahaa
After go back from Bandung... Argghhhh i have to save my money again :D
But i'm very very satisfy !!!
Let's Go to Bandung.. Yeahhhh
Ow ya, in Bandung u can find delicious food.. example :
- brownies,
- fried tail soup (sop buntut goreng) --> jl. Aceh no 10
- Mie rica rica (noodle)
- nasi kuning (yellow rice)
- Nasi timble
- and the other.
Maybe i have to go to Bandung again ya...
Oh ya, in Bandung not so really cold and not really hot. It's colder than Jakarta
If u go to Bandung with car, maybe just less than 2 hours.
Let's GOOOOOO to Bandung!!!!!!!


Blogger Yen said...

Yeah..Bandung is such a wonderful place to go. What i like most there is the weather (no need aircon) & the FO. The FO building & the layout is so nice, you will not bore to shop there though 1 day. Dont miss the Kampung Daun also, such a restaurant in the foot hill where you can enjoy eating while chatting with your family in a beautiful place to rest. Once again, Bandung is my must go place when i visit jakarta, so lets go there Cien. =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006 11:28:00 PM

Blogger Piet-soe said...

Wah, aku paling seneng FO-nya Rumah Mode. Bagus! Trus juga jgn lupa ke Ciwalk. Umm... oh, BSM juga *dulu nonton Kungfu Hustle di sana, 21 di Ambarukmo lom ada sih waktu itu hehe...*

Saturday, July 08, 2006 9:02:00 AM

Blogger cien cien said...

C yen : Come On!!
We can shopping together wakaka..
I never go to Kampung Daun, but i heard from my friend that's a nice place to visit, next time i will go there.
Hehehe i still have more time to go to Bandung.

Piet-soe : Almost all of FO in bandung hmmm make me a shopaholic maybe.. hahaha
Last time i went to Bandung, i didnt go to Mall.. Only FO and restaurant. Coz in jkt there are so many Mall so i feel not attracted to go Mall. Hehe
Only FO and restaurant hihihi
But if u want to go there.. it doesnt matter ..
Kungfu Hustle... arggghhh so funny!!!!!
i like it!!! yeahhh

Sunday, July 09, 2006 9:19:00 PM

Blogger CMMT6103 said...

hi there

i plan to bring my family (wifey and kids ) to Bandung next month. can u tell me where can i bring them? is there any safari/zoo or amusement park or interesting museum to visit?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 9:02:00 PM

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