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Thursday, June 22, 2006

My bday :D

2 days ago is my b'day. In the morning i celebrate it with my bf by phone .. this is the first time in my life..
Im so so happy..
After that i got SMS from the other friends too
In the office, my friends give a surprize.
They give me Big and delicious cake :D and Pizza hehehe
Ow ya my lecture come to my office, so we celebrate with him together.
Ow ya, on that day too, i explain to the man who like me (i ever explain it before).
And he understand what i mean.
From that day, i feel so comfort and i think this problem is closed :D
After going home hehe i celebrate it again with my bf.. he come to jakarta n he give me SURPRIZE!!!!
What is the surprize, ehmmm hahaha nothing
I'm so hepi on that day, but before that day, im so sad, tired, angry...
When we have problems, i know that there are so many way to solve it, but we have to choose that way. How can we solve that problems with the best way.
If u feel, u can't solve it, u can ask to ur GOD , boy/girlfriend, close friends, and family
They will give u the way to solve it.
Don't be shy to ask.
Don't think that u can solve it by yourself.
U still a human, u not a GOD.
Nobody's Perfect :D
Okay ..