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Monday, June 12, 2006

saturday, make me feel tired

i cant sleep until afternoon, coz the weather is very very hot. And i have a friend that she wants to play in my boarding house. So we play together and talk many topics.
Ow ya, there is one friend again from the other city, she came and call me that she wants to play with me. So we meet together in TA mall. After that we go to the other place by car.
We go to Pearl beach (pantai mutiara) .. its so amaze.. coz there are so many big house and beside their house, they have jetski or boat or big boat.. wowwww.... im so surprize. hahhaa
Ow ya after that we try a snack, it called Martabak Durian.
Its so sweet and they put Durian inside the martabak. I like it :D
hahaha it's not really cheap but i like to try the other snack and i heard it very famous in Jakarta. Owwkkkk i want to buy it again.. hehe but its very far from my boarding house.
Later i will ask my prenz.. hhehee
ok i will go .. ehhehe


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