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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Earthquake in Jogjakarta...Indonesia

I can't believe it...
when im still in my bed.. and my friends call me.. and im still sleeping
but when i wake up and open my handphone.. and read SMS..
he said that please call ur fam and bf in Jogjakarta n Magelang coz at 5.55am there is earthquake.
And i call them.. my fam in magelang said they ok... just shock
and my bf still trauma... n he is ok...
all of his friend in his boarding house go out from the house
and after that i SMS the other friends.. some of them reply me and they said oke but still panic and trauma.
Almost of them go out from Jogja.
They go to the other city or go back to their hometown
some of my friend didn't reply my SMS coz there is no signal maybe..
So i just contact the other friend to know the condition of the other friends which near with them
Oh ya,my friends house got damage... and his father sick coz the wall go down..
arrrgggghhh please keep pray for them ...
i want to know information the other friend in Jogjakarta.. i will publish the other blog again...
if u can read in indonesia .. u can open this site http://www.detik.com or in english http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/eqinthenews/2006/usneb6/


Blogger Piet-soe said...

Thx ya... sms-mu yg pertama msk lho hahaha... Edian! Waktu itu bener2 dah, tak kira Merapi yg njebluk. Trus mau tsunami segala... parah wis ^^

Tapi yg penting jangan lupa MZK!!! Hoho.. hahaha...

Friday, June 02, 2006 9:27:00 AM


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