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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My uncle's wedding

Finally i attend in my uncle wedding in the TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)
First we attend in the church in TMII and after that we went to the place to celebrate wedding party.
I'm very very glad to attend in this party... (coz i met almost all of my fam and new fam)
Oh ya, there is a certificate from MURI (it's like Guiness Book but only in Indonesia)...
Ok, i will tell u, hehe
That wedding cake is the tallest in Indonesia..
and looks so beauty..
later i will give a photo in this blog, i forgot to upload it :p
Oh ya, there are 2 culture in this event, Chinesse and Batak culture.
I'm so surprize that culture is very very different, coz in chinesse, our parent give jewelry or money to his child.
But in Batak, their parent give Ulos to his child.
I dont know the other culture again coz i just attend in the party not all events.
I'm very busy to make up my face and dressing and to prepare in the church and in the wedding party.
Hehehee ....
It's very funny when i saw my uncle very nervous :p he always smile and sweaty and looks very busy before the ceremony and busy


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